Funding & Awards


  • Louisiana Board of Regents / Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EBSCoR)-Co-P.I.   Towards the Commercialization of a Phonatory Feedback Device for Individuals with Speech Disorders: Second-Generation Prototype Development. Funded 7/1/2011-7/1/2012,  $20,000
  • LSUHSC-Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery-Post Doctoral Fellow Position Support-P.I.   Funded 7/1 2011-7/1/2013, $106,000
  • LSU-College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Funding– P.I.         Differential diagnosis of adductor spasmodic dysphonia and voice tremor using high-speed digital imaging and Phonovibrography. Funded, 7/1/2011-8/1/2011, $9,000
  • Louisiana Board of Regents Research Competitiveness Support Grant– P.I. Quantifying effects of age and gender on vocal fold vibration by using high–speed digital imaging and Phonovibrogram. Funded 7/1/2010-7/1/2013, $95,295
  • LSU- Faculty Research Grant Program-P.I. Towards the Computer-Aided Diagnostics of Voice Disorders; Gaining Data on Age and Gender Effects on Vocal Fold Dynamics Using High-Speed Laryngoscopy and Phonovibrograms. Funded 7/1/2008-7/1/2009, $10,000
  • LSU- Summer Stipend Program Award-P.I. Identifying Normative Data of Vocal Fold Dynamics in Healthy Female Subjects by High- Speed Digital Imaging System and Pharyngovibrogram. Funded 7/1/2008-7/1/2009, $5,000
  • Our lady of Lake Regional Medical Center-Extern Funding for a LSU-COMD /PhD student-P.I. 2010-2014, $60,000
  • Our lady of Lake Regional Medical Center-Extern Funding for a LSU-COMD /PhD student-P.I . 2007-2012, $54,000


  • Kunduk M. Participant award, 2nd American Speech and Hearing Association-2nd Annual Clinical Practice Research Institute, 2010.
  • ABEA 3rd place poster award. Hanby, DF*, McWhorter J A, Kunduk M. Repair of Pharyngocutaneous Fistula after Total Laryngectomy:  A Novel Endoscopic Approach. 2008 Combined Otolaryngology Societies Meeting (COSM) Orlando, Florida.
  • Aneesha Virani* (LSU-COMD) recipient of the American-Speech-Language Hearing Foundation’s Graduate Student Scholarship for International Students for the year 2010. (Mentor :Melda Kunduk.)
  • Allison Gish*(LSU –COMD) who received American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Students Preparing for Academic & Research Careers (SPARC) Award, 2009. (Mentor: Melda Kunduk).
  • Faculty Research Travel Award, 2007, 2008