Research Volunteers Needed

LSU-COMD Laryngeal Imaging Research Laboratory is currently seeking volunteers to participate in the following research studies listed below. Please email Dr.Melda Kunduk at or call her at 225-578-3930 for further information and to schedule a visit.

 Research  Study I:

The Effects of age and gender on voice quality and vocal function

Qualification for the study:

    • Female or male
    • 65 years and older.
  • Location: LSU-COMD at 64 Hatcher Hall
  • Participation Duration: 1 visit for 30 minutes
  • Compensation: $20

       Funding Source: Louisiana Board of Regents Research Competitiveness Support Grant

Research  Study II:

The effects of a portable ‘Voice Volume Monitor Device’ on Subjects’ communicative FUNCTION, Speech and voice quality

  • Qualification for the study:
    • People with diagnosis of
      •  Parkinson’s disease
      • Hoarseness due to the diagnosis of vocal fold nodules, polyps,
  • Location: LSU-COMD at 64 Hatcher Hall
  • Study Duration: 8 visits
  • Compensation: None
  • Additional Notes:  The purpose of the Voice Volume Monitor is  to enable people to regulate their vocal intensity in order minimize the vocal trauma in people who have diagnosis of benign lesions of vocal folds (such as vocal fold nodules or polyp). For the people with Parkinson’s disease, the goal of the device is to help them to increase their voice volume and maintain it in order to improve their communication skills and speech. The device, which is about the size of a cellular phone, provides feedback to the user in the form of vibration if he/she goes over or under the desired volume during speech production and communication with others.